Thursday, January 28, 2010

First look! All 20 Incursion aliens!

With the Cosmic Incursion expansion now in the hands of at least one eager player/consumer, it's fair to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the 20 aliens who made the cut for the first expansion to the Fantasy Flight Games edition. They are, in alphabetical order:
Bully, Chronos, Cryo, Deuce, Disease;
Ethic, Fungus, Fury, Genius, Ghoul;
Guerrilla, Leviathan, Locust, Magician, Mercenary;
Merchant, Plant, Seeker, Sniveler, Symbiote.
My first take: I'm seeing at least nine — maybe 10, depending on possible name-changes — that look like first-time appearances. It will be very interesting to see if that trend continues.

My second take: Disease and Fungus? ... Plant beats Insect onto the list of official FFG aliens ... Deuce is a personal favorite, so I'm happy with that ... and Bully? I would have lost that bet.

(Another shout-out goes to Kobold Curry Chef — that's two in a row. The rest of you better get with the program here)


The Warp said...

I'm very happy with the list of aliens (beyond the obvious reasons). The oldies are some of the ones I have always enjoyed playing and playing against (except maybe Bully, but it's one that should certainly have been published). I like the new ones a great deal- about half of the new ones I have been playing with for quite some time in some form or another, and the others are very cool ideas and quite cosmicy. But most of all, I just love the Ryan Barger artwork, especially Cryo.

Kobold Curry Chef said...

Us kobolds are often underestimated. ;-)

Seriously, how the hell my usual store got this before the rest of the world, I have no clue.

Unknown said...

Ethic is there. It was a Lucre power. I wonder what they did with it. I can tell you what I did with it.

Once upon a time, with my Mayfair set, I attempted to redo the Lucre powers into non-Lucre powers. It was a failed attempt, but I did succeed once - with Ethic.

Ethic's power is when losing while playing an Attack Card, he collects consolation anyway unless his opponent pays him off with Lucre. My non-Lucre version had Ethic collect consolation by Compromise cards normally, but he gets to look through his opponent's hand to choose the cards. Feeling the power needed a little more than that, I added that when a player takes consolation from Ethic, Ethic chooses the cards.

When I abandoned the idea of making the Lucre powers into non-Lucre powers, I still very much liked my idea for non-Lucre Ethic. I felt it worth a power in its own right and made it such, calling it Violin, as in the stereotype of violins playing when sad things happen.

Fantasy Flight took a fancy to it. They added a bit more oomph to it by allowinth the player to take consolation from anyone, not just his opponent. They wanted to call the power Haggler, but I didn't think that was a good fit. Using synonym searches through my wordprocessor, I came up with the better name - Hacker!

Jon Gon said...

Interesting how Ethic gave origin to two non-lucre aliens. Thanks for sharing.

Let’s hope that the new Ethic is as good as Hacker.

pgocosmic said...

Hey I thought I would be the first to have Cosmic Incursion. And now how about suggested names and contents for a second expansion set. Just in case........

Bill and I are committed to getting some of the new aliens online. And we are discussing the possibility of an IPad ce online. Our Cosmic flash guru Alan Queen did this little game in flash and ported it to the iphone:

Search the app store for
Star Match ABC
by DigiDood

Furth/Fidd said...

I thought "Bully" was getting a rename if it ever came back at all.

Kobold Curry Chef said...

Peter, I now officially feel incredibly guilty... :-(

I was thinking of names for expansion #2 last night. What comes after an incursion? I have no idea, but "Cosmic Rejoinder" amused the heck out of me. As did "Cosmic Expulsion." Neither are probably good names, though.

TheDukester said...

Wow, Peter: CE Online on the iPad? If you think **that** isn't getting it's own separate post, you are mistaken.

Toomai said...

"Cosmic Lunacy"? If moons are on the drawing board, that'd be a good one.

"Cosmic Emissary"? Emissary's a cool word.

"Cosmic Triage"? "Tri" being a play on it being the third set.

"Cosmic Expansion"? Kind of the opposite of "incursion".

Messianic said...

- Name for new expansion: Cosmic Mayhem, Cosmic Entropy, *Cosmic Pandemonium.

- New things: Hazard Deck, some new Techs, 7th player (White or gray).

- 20-30 new aliens:

Classics - Filth, Empath, Changeling, Aristocrat, Gorgon, Skeptic, Worm, Siren, Delegator, Busybody.

Homebrews - Gith, Maven, Velcro, Tendril, Nomad, Bermuda, Dementor, Lunatic, Archon, Brat.

If 30 are put in - Pentaform, Crystal, Magnet, Cavalry, Berserker, Pavlov, Ambiguity, Umbra, Antibody, Jester.

- Rules for 2 players games.

Mark said...

If it included something akin to the old reverse hexes (planets?) / cone / Praw... Cosmic Inversion

Moons would be fantastic.

Of course, I'd also love to see some of the new aliens (and FLARES!) added to the existing CEO.

Kobold Curry Chef said...

I would hope that the Hazards deck would include something akin to the old reverse-cone effect. The reverse cone was one of my favorite things from the older days.

I second the request for the 2-player rules.

My main request? That the next expansion comes out sooner than 15 months!

Bill Martinson said...

I wonder if perhaps FFG is not all that excited about the reverse cone. Ionic Gas looks like it might have been written without regard for flip-flopping the ally benefits:

Ionic Gas
Stops Compensation and Rewards. Play after the winner of an encounter is determined. No compensation or defensive ally rewards may be collected this encounter.

If they'd had the reverse cone in mind when they wrote this, they probably would have deleted "defensive" (or better yet, deleted "defensive ally") -- because the redundancy would generate an entry for the FAQ.

Just a thought. Might be a clue, might be 100% pure nothing. ;)

Kobold Curry Chef said...

I suspect you're right, Bill. The biggest evidence that FFG isn't a fan of the reverse cone is that they didn't print a reverse cone in the base game. :-(

Unknown said...

I'll second Gith and Bermuda, as they were my ideas. :P

I don't like Hazards. They just add frustration.

I'm all for bringing Moons back.

Lucre too, done right. Eon style but add in 2 Lucre to purchase a Flare from unused Flare deck or a card from the rewards deck, 2 Lucre to discard a card, and as defensive rewards option you may choose to collect Lucre instead, but only if you collect Lucre and nothing else - 1 Lucre if you risked 1 or 2 ships, 2 Lucre if you risked 3 or 4 ships.

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