Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please play the DUNE boardgame today

On our national day of mourning, I think it would be great if we all tried to get in a game of the still-fantastic DUNE boardgame today.

(And when you're done with that, be sure to drop an email to Fantasy Flight Games inquiring about the status of DUNE: Imperium).


pgocosmic said...

From Chris Peterson President of Fantasy Flight:
"The TI "Dune" (tentatively named "Rex") is on our schedule for a Fall '10 release. I expect that work will start on this in the coming Fall. "

TheDukester said...

Nice! Peter O., still making it happen in the gaming world!

I wish the time-table were a bit ... let's say "quicker." All of these announcements (CE, Dune, Borderlands, etc.) date from August of 2007, so the fall of '10 will be three-plus years.

Oh, well, at least CE (and it was a **nice** CE) was the first out of the gate amongst those three. Can't complain about that.

Adam said...

I'm embarrassed to belong to a species that buys enough of these books that they can justify writing more.

Can't wait for Twilight Imperium Stegosaurus to come out.

pgocosmic said...

Well the original deal we did with FF called for a conservative pace for the rollout of the titles. Cosmic did so well that the expansion development followed immediately.

TheDukester said...

Two thoughts:

1. Adding dinosaurs to Rex would be made of win;

2. Inserting a CE expansion into the release schedule IS made of win.

Adam said...

A dinosaur theme would be much cooler than Twilight Imperium. Or if you really want to impress me, a Dino Riders theme.

Hadsil said...

I used to have this game long ago. I didn't care for it. I played it a few times, but no one I played it with liked it either. I can't really say what exactly wasn't liked, but I guess the overall play of it didn't trigger any funness response.

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