Monday, March 2, 2009

CE alien survey #21: WARPISH

First appearance: Eon expansion #7.

Plain-English power: Ships in the Warp add to your combat total.

Loved by: Necromongers; Warp fetishists; Jack Reda**; the win-inverters (Spiff / Loser / Anti-Matter) are fascinated. Zombie and Void tolerate Warpish because they will never contribute to his cause.

Loathed by: Virus and Citadel (competition, especially competition they end up creating), Chosen (necromancy is an abomination against the Divine), Shadow / Vacuum/ Cudgel (unwitting accomplices).

Three ways to win as Warpish:
  1. Your loss is still your gain. The only thing Warpish ever loses is board position. Knowing this, you can run a 4-ship offense a lot longer out of the gate than others, and can afford to be a bit more thin across all colonies. Keep three home colonies reasonably defended at all times.
  2. Card Zaps are for Mobius Tubes. Period. To a lesser extent, save Ionic Gas for when a lot of defensive allies are about to claim rewards (and have numerous ships in the Warp). If you get Mobius Tubes, keep it a big secret. Tubes should only leave your hand as a discard, not as compensation.
  3. Inviting allies on defense is shooting yourself in the foot. Never turn down an offer to ally on offense: you'll get a colony and prevent defensive rewards at best, and get more ships in the Warp at worst. Accept invitations to defend if you really need the cards, or if the odds are good that you'll defeat a significant offensive force (and add to your unholy fleet).
Three ways to win against Warpish:
  1. Warpish is weakest at the beginning of the game, or just after Mobius Tubes is played. If you have the means (i.e., choice) to rid him of colonies, choose him over other targets. A Warp full of ships does him no good if he is down to two or fewer home colonies.
  2. Go thin on offensive attacks. Consider launching ships in a fashion that doesn't favor Warpish in one direction or the other. If you are defeated, you want to give Warpish the least amount of bonus you can. Supplement with thoughtful card play.
  3. Mobius Tubes. Rather than hold out as long as you can, you should play the Tubes if the Warp ship count gets significantly higher than 10 — even if you have few ships in the Warp — to keep Warpish's advantage reasonably low. If you get a Card Zap, consider holding onto it, as it's likely Warpish will Card Zap the first Mobius Tubes to come out, and you can then Card Zap the Card Zap.
At CE Online? Yes.

Anything else? Warpish is one of the few aliens to theoretically get more powerful as its board position gets weaker. However, it's still common for Warpish to rely mostly on the suffering of others to fuel his undead fleet. Better them than him, right?

— Submitted by Zach Gaskins

**Message from Jack: "Not especially. Surprised?"


Adam said...

Another strategy for more specialized circumstances:

If you get the Mobius Tubes and the Warp isn't exactly overflowing with ships, use the Tubes just to get it in discard since it won't have a big effect. Better this than hoping against hope you don't lose it in compensation, and you Know people will be N'ing you to death in the late game when beating you is a hopeless case.

Anonymous said...

I had a game the other day where Warpish got one Tubes in the initial draw and then the second a turn or two later. Peeps were allying with the defense to dry out the deck (which did happen near the end) to find out where they went. Eventually I reasoned that Warpish must have had at least one, but I never got a chance to hack them outta there.

Of course, Warpish lost that game thanks to Loser.

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