Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dune: A love story in two acts


Well, it took a year, but at least the story has a happy ending. Follow the link to read the heart-warming story of Dune hatred becoming Dune love.

The author's conclusion is worth reading for any new-ish Dune players or anyone else who feels they'll never "get" the game:
This game is worth figuring out, and certainly it does take some figuring out. It's not readily apparent what you should do with each faction. Take your time learning, play with people that know the game, and read some strategy [articles].


Adam said...

Interesting. I've had the opposite reaction. While I've only played one live game, I greatly prefer it to playing online, which I've done six times now, I think, and hosted more. My one live game played to Turn 15 and didn't take particularly long. This was with three new players and one player who had only learned the rules recently in a one-on-one learning game.

Online, however, is full of pitfalls. You have to compromise bidding no matter what. Either you cut corners to make it go by reasonably quickly, in which case you limit the players' abilities to interact and react as they would live; or you do it card by card, which is painstaking. The worst part, though, is that it takes too long. Let's say you've been dealt a bad hand and have no way of changing your situation for the better for a long time. This means you are going to be stuck in the game for weeks without having fun, while live it'd take far less time.

Not that the game could not be shorter, but I don't find it is of any unbearable length. I do hope Rex is a tad shorter.

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