Saturday, February 20, 2010

My God ... Cosmic Encounter is full of stars!

It looks like the Cosmic Encounter creativity bug has bitten some of the usual suspects. Two major homebrew projects are currently getting a lot of reaction over at the self-proclaimed Leading Boardgames Site, and both are pretty neat (both are what might be called "planet-based," too, which is kind of interesting). Anyway, point that clicking thing at these links for Cosmic Stars and Planetary Profiles.

As an aside, I'll add that I really enjoy this direction for CE variants. As I've made clear elsewhere, I am pretty much over the whole "homebrew alien" thing; we just don't need a 37th variant of Pacifist. In fact, I'm actively boycotting any discussion at any site regarding homebrew aliens — I just literally skip right over those threads. Bleh. I've got your Macron variant right here, pal!

But adding entirely new concepts to the game — especially those that have been playtested at least a little bit — is definitely something TheDukester can support.


Adam said...

These concepts are both really interesting! And quite fancy looking, I must add.

By the way, I've come up with a new homebrew alien. Dukester: Power to Blog. You may use this power to slap anyone else using a homebrew alien. It has to be a girly slap though.

Do Not Use With Oracle.

Heroic Monkey said...

Sigh. Adam, don't you know that concept has been done a million times?

Anonymous said...

Are there even 3.7 Pac variants?

TheDukester said...

I'll just assume you're kidding with that one.

Unknown said...

I haven't created any new powers for a long time now. I'm not about to start again, but I always look forward to seeing what others create. It's because people created new powers that we now have Fido, Masochist, and Hacker as official powers, among others.

Creating a new power is not easy. You can make it too powerful, too weak, too complicated, or it's actually an official power in a fancy sweater. (I remember someone created a power based off of Google search, a nice idea but it was just Hurtz.)

Creating other stuff is fine too. I've created new Edicts, Challenge Cards, and Pulsars, which gives you immunity to a power without zapping it or makes your own power stronger. I also once had a card deck that you drew to determine how to set up the game, such as number of powers players have, whether it'll be a lucre game or not, having moons or not, but that idea didn't work out.

I liked the Reverse System hexes Mayfair had that was originally an Eon expansion. Mayfair's Fan sucked, and I'm not a fan of Eon's Praw, though I did think it made for a neat power which I did create.

Some people are new to the game. They don't know the history. Someone came up with a power that would allow you to use your opponent's power. He had no idea Insect already existed in Cosmic Encounter past. It's not his fault, and he should not be ridiculed for it.

Creating powers can also be fun. You can have themes, like the Dune powers at Jack Reda's site or my own Presidential series based on the US Presidents going back to Kennedy. You can have powers that are meant as jokes, which if taken seriously can actually work.

Creating new powers should never be discouraged.

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