Thursday, March 5, 2009

New league at CE Online! It's madness!

Update (3/5): League play begins tonight! (8E/5P)

Update II (3/5): Interested parties should read Peter's comments below.


March Madness, that is. That's the name of the upcoming league at Cosmic Encounter Online, which begins on Thursday. There's even two bonuses:

Bonus #1: The league will be hosted by none other than Peter Olotka, designer of the original Cosmic Encounter boardgame.

Bonus #2: All kinds of new pods will be added to the deck. Here's the list:
101, 99, 65, 55, 33, 13, 13, 9 (x2), 7 (x3), 3, 1, -10, -20, N (x4);
Emotion Control, Stellar Gas, Plague (x2), Force Field, Zap.
Full details can be found at CosBlog.


Anonymous said...

It's gonna be crazy. Virus can get up to 404 in one hit. (I suspect there may be a 404 error joke the first time it happens.) Tripler can get anywhere from 33 to -60. Machine can get Plagued three times at once. Vulch (or anyone, really) can zap everyone else at once.

Too bad I can't really pay the dudes to get in...

Adam said...

Unfortunately, while that would be really funny, I don't think the game would allow multiple plagues simultaneously. It has enough trouble allowing a player to play both Tubes and Plague sometimes, and when Emotion Control and Stellar Gas attempt to activate at the same time, the server gets even more confused.

Zaps are less finicky unless Vulch is in the game, in which case all artifacts are finicky. But if we get to use words like "finicky," who's complaining?

TheDukester said...

Virus could get an 808 on defense. Plus eight more for allies (like he'd need them, right?) gives a solid 816. That would be tough to get around.

And, Toomai: what the hell, bro? For 99 cents, you can have all the league action you want for one night. That's a pretty fair price.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying the price is bad. I'm saying I have no idea how to pay people using the Internet.

TheDukester said...

PayPal is pretty much the universal currency for that sort of thing.

pgocosmic said...


For tonight we have no April Fools PODS...due to glitch in rebuilding the game with that set. Duke and I experienced the problem yesterday and we could not fix it in time for tonight. (It reverts to the "can't get back to the lobby version before JOIN was fixed).

Bill is away at his paying job today. The pods go in OK and the game is OK but the back to Lobby glitch breaks everything.

We COULD try with NO JOINING ALLOWED, but we would be at the mercy of free players who opt to join above.

.I am making some NEW COMBOS themed for the League kick off as a BACK UP.

We will figure out what's missing over the weekend.

What does everyone want to do?

Duke - want to have a skype confrence.

PS Toomai- you membership is up.

So see you at 8 PM

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