Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, no, Starlog ... say it isn't so!

Sad news recently for those of us who actually enjoy holding physical collections of words and pictures in our hands: Starlog is ceasing publication after more than 33 years of providing (mostly) great coverage of SF, fantasy, comics, and other genre-related items. From SciFi Wire:
Official word of Starlog's demise came in a posting last week on the site, buried five paragraphs deep in an update informing readers that had relaunched in beta as part of a "massive digital initiative" and touting the fact that a "Digital store," to launch next month, will feature digital editions of the entire Starlog catalog.
Yeah, that's just what the world needs: yet another "web portal" that tries to do too many things at once and fails at most of them. Epic fail.

And, yes, there is a Cosmic Encounter connection here. I'm almost positive that Future Pastimes used to run ads in Starlog, circa 1979 or 1980. I'm going to leaf through my back issues* to see if I can find one, scan it, and post it here.

(The video, BTW, is from 1984, and was an actual commercial from back in the days when we all got very few channels and didn't get to see any boobies on TV. That's how cool Starlog used to be; it had it's own frickin' commercial)

* I have the first 225 issues, all bagged and boarded. Because I'm awesome.


Mark said...

I haven't picked up an issue in years (it seems I don't get into bookstores as much as I used to), but I loved Starlog back in my tween years. Remember when they had a column, written by Gene Roddenberry's PA IIRC, detailing all the twists and turns on the way to ST:TMP? Or the cool articles about how Turnbull and Dykstra created the effects for Star Wars? Ah well, at least the site claims it's a "temporary" hiatus from print.

TheDukester said...

Yeah, in paging through my back issues, I'm reminded of how much three factors contributed to Starlog's popularity:

1. In 1977, they were one of the only magazines to jump on the Star Wars phenomenon early and then stay with it;

2. Throughout all of the first 25 or so issues, they couldn't get enough of Star Trek: TMP --speculation, rumors, and, finally, some actual news.

3. Later, Star Trek: TNG kept them going for years. I think that's probably the show the appeared on the cover the most times, had the most articles, etc.

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