Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CE alien survey #24: VACUUM

First appearance: Eon expansion #3.

Plain-English power: Sends others' ships to the warp when it loses ships.

Loved by: Vengeful jerks; fans of street justice movies.

Loathed by: Cudgel; Macron; family dogs; people who invite allies without thinking; New Orleans and Florida residents.

Three ways to win as Vacuum:
  1. Exact righteous revenge! If someone gets you to ally and then loses (even worse, loses on purpose), punish them. Remind others not to anger you.
  2. Resist the urge to play Mobius Tubes to free your ships from the warp; use defensive rewards to keep your ship count up. If someone else plays Mobius Tubes and your ships in the warp are small compared to others, Card Zap the Tubes to maintain your advantage.
  3. Keep an eye on who is winning (both in colonies and ships), and punish them by default.
    Three ways to win against Vacuum:
    1. Don't invite Vacuum to ally with you unless you're confident you can win with their help. Otherwise, prepare to feel some wrath. Do NOT attempt to drain Vacuum's ships with bait-and-switch tactics (inviting allies, claiming to need help, and then losing or playing Negotiate on purpose).
    2. Mobius Tubes is the primary way to get your ships back. Defensive rewards help, but if Vacuum is involved and you're not its friend, it might just suck back as many as you recover.
    3. Vacuum is primed to beat directly on the leader. Play aggressively against the Vacuum player only when he lacks ships to confidently fuel his power, or when you can retaliate with a zap.
      At CE Online? Yes. (However, CE Online currently does not allow you to split your punishment. between several players.)
      — Submitted by Zach Gaskins


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