Friday, December 11, 2009

FFG's second big mystery box: not within the scope of this fine blog

Cutting right to the chase: it's a big-ass Warhammer 40K thing. I know zero about the setting and care even less.

What I do care about is that fans of the classic Dune boardgame are now down to just the remaining "small" mystery box if they're hoping to hear any news concerning Dune: Imperium / Twilight: Dune / Dune: Dinosaur Planet in 2009 or early 2010.

My gut feeling is that the small box will not be the new Dune game. Considering the original announcement came in the summer of 2007, I'm beginning to lose faith that FFG will ever get this game to market.


Adam said...

From what I've heard in the rumor mill, the game is supposed to start development soon. Why they'd showcase the box when development hasn't even started, I don't know. I wouldn't lose hope so fast. T.I. is their flagship series, and Cosmic has apparently done very well for them. This game is as close as you'll get to a marriage between the two, so it's unlikely they'll just let this game slip away.

pgocosmic said...

Look to the future my Dunish friends. Speaking of rumors can you say expansion set 2?

pgocosmic said...

Not the small box though....

TheDukester said...

" ...can you say expansion set 2?"

I can say that.

I'll even say it twice if it means I can get some insider scoops.

Adam said...

Expansion Set 2.

The Warp said...

Expansion Set Deuce.

Big Head Zach said...

Cosmic Shindig.
Cosmic Hoedown.
Cosmic Clambake.
Cosmic Barbeque.
Cosmic Gathering.
Cosmic Assembly.
Cosmic Jamboree.

Just planting seeds on Exp 2 names.

The Warp said...

The current popular codename for it is:

Cosmic Excursion.

I've been calling it that for months. I kind of like it. :)

Though I'm hoping they switch it up and have an Encounter of some kind.

Hazardous Encounter, or something.

Jon Gorman said...

Well, I'm glad they've announced at least one more of the "mystery boxes", but I'm really starting to lose all interest in the FFG announcements. I was excited about the three mystery games....then kind of excited. Then it came clear that there would be no way to include the Cosmic Encounter expansion on my christmas wishlist. And I was really, really hoping to hear some version of Dune or Borderlands.

Now...well, I'm a little confused by the whole thing. I was expected they were doing this to drum up interest for stuff for christmas. But neither of the two announced so far are anything I'd be interested in and I'm rapidly becoming too busy to really follow what will happen with the third. Probably just another warhammer thing at this point. I've avoided warhammer due to the great expense (although I think I'd actually enjoy the game) and also some of the behavior of Games Workshop was offputting. Guess we'll just see where fantasy flight goes with this.


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