Monday, January 5, 2009

CE alien survey #2: PACIFIST

First appearance: Eon expansion set #7

Plain-English power: Win the encounter by playing a Negotiate card.

Loved by: Anyone who has ever seen a hand full of Negotiates (that's "Compromises" for you older players).

Loathed by: Offensive powers (Virus, Anti-Matter, etc.) that should win, but instead have to deal with a peacemaker.

Three ways to win as Pacifist:
  1. Play, hoard, and count N cards. Know how many Ns are in the game (for instance, there's 15 in the FFG version, but only 11 at CE Online).
  2. Bluff. Convince your opponent you're about to play an N, then play an attack.
  3. Gather up as many cards as possible. A large hand is a friend to Pacifist.
Three ways to win against Pacifist:
  1. Zaps!
  2. Play an N card of your own and hope for a deal. If a deal situation arises, either refuse to deal at all, or be sure to make it worth your while.
  3. Keep its hand as small as possible (and remember that the plague artifact will always take away an N).
At CE Online? Yes.

Anything else? Loser and Warpish join Pacifist as the only Expansion #7 aliens to be included in the FFG edition.

— Submitted by David Montgomery


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