Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CE alien survey #19: OBSERVER

First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games.

Plain-English power: You can't die as an ally; as a main player, your allies can't die either.

Loved by: Those who fight for their friends.

Loathed by: Aliens such as Warpish and Healer.

Three ways to win as Observer:
  1. Always ally. Even if you're sure your side will lose, ally with four ships anyway. Who knows, you may win despite what you think.
  2. Be careful about inviting others. Sure, you'll get plus-4 from them, but they get free rewards with no risk.
  3. If you're feeling daring, invite allies when you know you'll lose (but no one else does). They won't die, but they also won't be allied with the other side.
Three ways to win against Observer:
  1. Win potential allies over. This may be difficult, since allying with Observer has no risks, but try to convince the other players that allying with you gives them the better reward.
  2. Avoid inviting Observer if you think you'll win. Plus-4 is great, but don't give things away with no risk.
  3. Force Field.
At CE Online? No.

Anything else? Observer was originally named Safety; the design is credited to longtime CE player Cedric Chin.

— Submitted by Toomai Glittershine


Adam said...

I fight for my friends.

Also, Observer is cool alien. I know Zombie is a classic, but I think they are way too close to be in the same set, and Observer is generally the better, more fun alien, I think. None of that compensation complication, either.

Rob Burns said...

I love Observer; I think it's a great alien. Playing it well requires more subtlety than may be initially apparent.

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