Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blogmic, meet Blogger. Blogger, Blogmic

After 30 months, 399 posts**, roughly 10,000 tries at getting standings to look good in league updates, and more than a few headaches, Blogmic Encounter has left TypePad for the greener (and free-er) pastures of Blogger.

All interested parties should update their bookmarks with the URL you see above. Also, anyone picking up any sort of RSS feed from the TypePad address will need to burn a new feed (sorry about that). The TypePad site — which is located here — will remain open for a few days, although it will not be updated.

And, best of all, once all the code is in place, Blogmic will be integrated into the front page of the new Cosmic Encounter Online portal! Can I get a "w00t!"?

**That's right, 399. I even had a "400th post!" idea for the next one, too ...


Adam said...

If Blogger has a feature similar to Typepad's "Most Recent Comments" section of your old blog, that would be really nice to have.

TheDukester said...

I agree.

There is an RSS feed for comments in the right-hand sidebar, but I'd like to also have a simple module that just SHOWS all visitors who is commenting.

I'll look into it -- still poking around here and learning.

Adam said...

I suggested it because I don't use RSS. It is a scary-looking acronym.

TheDukester said...

Wow, Blogger just does **not** allow much freedom with comments. It's very strange, frankly.

There might be a workaround I can use, but I'm still hesitating. It's like 200 lines of code.

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