Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FINALLY, there's multiple CE listings at BGG

In a move that's at least three years overdue, the powers-what-is at BoardGameGeek have deigned to give Cosmic Encounter multiple entries in their database. The new Fantasy Flight Games edition has been split off into its own listing, although every other edition of CE ever produced — Eon, Mayfair, West End, all of the foreign editions, you name it — are still lumped together in one area. This means, among other things, that about half of the CE discussion regarding the "all-in-one" CE revolves around which edition is better.

This is a site that thinks nothing of having about 10,000 entries for Monopoly — even though 99 percent of those are exactly the same game with only the names of the spaces changed. It's also a site that didn't blink twice before immediately creating separate entries for new editions to games such as Britannia, Arkham Horror, and Fury of Dracula, to name just three (all of which are FFG properties now, interestingly enough).

This being BGG we're talking about, there is, of course, no guarantee that the various editions of CE will remain split. From the main page of the new CE listing:
This is the new entry for the Fantasy Flight printing of Cosmic Encounter. As the new game changes several mechanisms of the original, and is available in a much wider release, the two games should be regarded as separate entities. This is a tentative determination based on prospective information; If the games are deemed the same after release, then they will be merged.
Whatever, clowns. Go back to your Agricola-worship.


pgocosmic said...

Now now, we get a lot of CE Online players from BBG...but more to your point we could get a LOT MORE :)

TheDukester said...

Speaking of which, I've submitted some links for use on the new BGG page, including for this site and for CE Online, and none of them have been added to the page.

I think I might have finally made them mad ... ;-)

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