Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cosmic Encounter strategy: Cudgel

I'm hoping this will be the first of a series of articles detailing possible strategies for playing the various alien races in Cosmic Encounter.

I'll start with an alien making his big-league debut in the upcoming Fantasy Flight Games edition. Here's how to play Cudgel:

That pretty much covers it.

Be sure to tune in next time, where I'll discuss the intricacies of playing Zombie.


pgocosmic said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Rob Burns said...

Well maybe there's a bit more to Cudgel than that... knowing when to risk extra tokens is the key question. 1. When your opponent is on the ropes and losing extra tokens means losing colonies (whether home or foreign). 2. When you can risk extra tokens because Healer is in the game, or other effects. Those immediately jump to mind... congratulates to Ken Hubbard for getting his alien in FFG's CE.

TheDukester said...

Hey, I was one of the first people to congratulate Ken both here (see Dec. 3 post) and at The Temple Of Passive-Aggressiveness That Occasionally Mentions Boardgames. I think it's great that some traditional homebrews are now becoming official.

But let's be honest: it's a "green alert" alien for a reason (and being newcomer-friendly is a good reason, IMO). I like Cudgel just fine, but I think even Ken would be the first to admit that it will not require a multi-volume series of strategy texts.

Anonymous said...

Okay, as awesome as it is to have my own creation added to CE canon, it's even more awesome to have a strategy article!


The article is well-written (err... "drawn" I mean), and sums it up pretty well. However, Rob has a good point about watching for those moments when an opponent simply cannot afford to lose additional tokens. That's when you need to make sure extra tokens are in, and push for allies to ensure a win.

I think Cudgel is one of those powers that will make other players worry about strategy, whereas you won't have to worry about it so much. To paraphrase George Patton (badly, I'm sure, since I can't remember it): "The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his country." In other words, do what you do, and let your opponent worry about it.

TheDukester said...


"No one ever won a war by DYING for his country! He won it by making the OTHER poor, dumb bastard die for HIS country."

Anonymous said...

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